children’s artwork: keep or toss?

(Darren Higgins for The New York Times)

I get asked this question over and over. This article in The New York Times had some good ideas on the subject (mostly toss!).

3 responses

  1. Definite keep for me. I have actually framed the art done by my 3 year old. When I feel like painting, I do my thing and she does hers. I wish there was a way to show you her latest piece ;) It's really cute and abstract.

  2. Before "tossing" kids artwork, photograph your favorite pieces against a white background. You will then have a digital archive of the child's artwork. Then you can make a cute slideshow for display in a digital frame. Grandparents love it.

  3. love framing special pieces and love this digital photo idea!!! totally using that…:O)