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Considering the size of the space, I needed a 48 – 55″ wide loveseat, anything bigger would be too close to the front door. There were a number of 60″ ones that were great, this one in particular, but I just couldn’t squeeze it in without it looking and functioning poorly. I wanted something a little low with no arms to help keep an open feel. Finally settled on this one once it went on sale 20% off. There was a large selection of fabrics it could be made in so it took me a couple weeks to choose. I took home several rounds of samples; greys, dark green, and taupe linens. I settled on a woven dark grey and ivory fabric. Eight weeks later…
The rope chair is actually an outdoor chair from Ikea. I’m looking for a chaise, or two small arm chairs to replace this so it’s more comfortable to have friends over. When I do, I’ll move the rope chair into the office/dressing area to watch tv.
I found the overhead light and considering the price, couldn’t pass it up. The cord runs along the edge of where the wall juts out so it’s not so noticeable and plugs in under the bookcase.
The final shot was taken before the pillows and the overhead light, but I wanted to give you the scale, see how small this place really is.

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  1. very olderly :)Looks great!In the photo with the doors, I thought the middle door was the front door – until I saw the door with all the locks. Yeah- you wouldn't have that many locks on a bathroom door :)

  2. I am thoroughly impressed with what you have done with your space. Though I don't doubt that you had challenges, it looks well laid out, designed, but not overly so – the type of place one can get really comfortable in….and that sofette is a-ma-zing. I love the several sources of light and the different styles of the lamps. Those stools…I know that you have had them in all of your apts featured. I have a coffee table that is too deep for our living space (it is 22" deep – I really need something 16-18" deep) and I would love to find two smaller stools or low tables.Anyway, enough about my issues. Congratulations on proving, yet again, that you are super talented at interior design and organization.

  3. Love how your apartment is shaping up – and your new sofette! I recently moved and have been very inspired by your blog. Where did you find your rug? I've been looking for an area rug in charcoal and it is surprisingly hard to find one that is not way over my budget or out of stock. Are they Flor tiles? Happy New Year and keep up the fantastic work!

  4. Lovely! I think you are working with a tiny footprint, yet the feel of the room makes it seem both spacious, airy and serene. I was surprised at how different your potential couch selections were. Was there another reason besides the size/scale that made you choose the tailored, modern couch over the settee? It seems that the curvy settee would change the feel of the space. How did you decide on furniture placement and traffic flow? Is there anything behind the couch (e.g. a narrow table facing the kitchen area)? It seems that your color palette has shifted a little for this apartment compared to your earlier spaces. In earlier apartments you seemed to have used more ivory, tan, beige and brown. This room seems to have more graphite, charcoal and gray tones. Final question – how would changing the rug impact the mood, feel or tone of the room?

  5. thanks so much everyone!schuyler: yes they are Flor carpet tiles. I purchased them for my last apt and had them wall to wall there, though nicely as an area rug here.ailanthusaltissima: there's nothing behind the sofa. i thought about it, but i don't need it, or have much room for one.the other sofa would change the feel of the space as would another rug. if i had the room, i would have gotten the other sofa even though i love this one. there are other rugs i've had my eye on but at this point, i simply cannot afford to spend much more on this space. the thing is, i love this apt, but the choices i made to finish it were largely driven by cost. moving twice in two years, paying broker's fees… i'm tapped! as far as the figuring the floor plan, i put myself through the process i blogged about 'making moving easier'. check it out if you haven't read it, it's beneficial even if you aren't moving!:O)

  6. I was going to buy the same pendant lamp from CB2!! Your selection of it for your place has validated its purchase.(P.S…. Keep meaning to send you an email w/ pics from my new place, going to do that very soon, I promise!)

  7. I've bought the lamp! It should be arriving any day now. :) Can't wait for a wee bit more light in my new apt (there are overhead lights only in the kitchen, bathroom and closets, and a very dim one in the front entryway). It looks so nice in your apt, which as everyone else has said, is just so light and airy and yet comfy looking.

  8. The apartment is looking really good! :-D Both of the couches are great in their own way. I can't decide whether to get a couch or not. I've got plenty of chairs in my apartment but visitors seem to want a couch to sit on.

  9. I just wanted to leave a comment of my admiration of the little white bowl next to your bed. I've seen it in a few other shots and places, too. I won't wax too lyrical about it, though. :)

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