shoe + accessories closet: before + after (almost)

I was dying to make this client’s fourth closet (1. walk-in clothes closet, 2. coat closet, 3. linen closet) into an accessories closet exclusively for shoes, belts, and bags. Since it’s a rental, the built-in cabinet below needed to be kept but I removed
the one shelf and installed custom cut wood shelves up to the ceiling.

These shoes aren’t frequently worn sowe put them in clear shoe boxes to keep them from getting dusty, and they’re organized by type; off-season, special occasion, heals, flats, boots, then by color light to dark.
Much better right?

2 responses

  1. How does your client reach the top boxes? With a ladder?This is very neat! I was surprised at how reasonable the plastic shoe boxes are.

  2. the top shelf has off-season shoes, but she's actually quite tall and can reach them. she does have a step stool though which is what i used to get up there!!