q + a: building my wardrobe part 1

Abbi asks “I would love to know more about your wardrobe! It always looks so lovely in photos. You mentioned a few posts ago that you invest in your clothes over other things like fine art, etc. I’m trying to revamp my wardrobe (with basically no money) and am wondering what your tips are for shopping and what types of pieces you think are essential. To borrow from the book “Nothing to Wear?” I have too many (cheap) “frosting/flair” pieces and not enough “cake/foundational” pieces.”
Abbi, check out my series ‘How To Build and Edit Your Wardrobe’. This should give you a good basis to start, but I’ll do a post(s) elaborating on how I did it with my own wardrobe. Though I’ll warn you, I don’t love most of the ‘Must Have Lists’ out there as I personally don’t own a white button down shirt or a blazer…

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  1. I am looking forward to your post on this subject.I have grown more and more frustrated with the "must have" lists that all of the larger retailers are pushing. Personally, I believe that people should start with their shapes and sizes and color schemes that they are drawn to on a daily basis and then use that information to develop their own personal styles.

  2. Yes! Thanks so much for responding to my question. I have read through your other posts on building and editing a wardrobe and found them very helpful. Really looking forward to some real-life examples of how you applied it to your own life! I love your approach and totally agree about those prescribed lists– they just don't fit my life.

  3. I too feel frustrated by the "must" lists that include blazers, button- downs and other stuff I never wear, but I'm curious to know how you shop and what your staples are.

  4. Your closet is just perfect. I'm going to be doing some serious editing/closet building as I'm moving in a week. Luckily I've secured a place with a huge closet, allowing me to see everything at once, unlike the cramped, narrow one I've been dealing with in my old place. You never realize what you have when you can't see it to begin with! :)

  5. thanks robyn! great for you that your new place has a large closet… it just makes things that much easier…:O)

  6. No white button down shirt – that makes two of us! (Though I am in the market for one that is not see-through)I think for people who really understand their own style, they don't need "must-have" lists from anyone. It's not easy to get to that place, but working at it brings me pleasure.