hidden bookends

Two ways of using simple metal bookends:
#1: In the center of a shelf to hold books in place when a book is taken out. This is so helpful for those with long bookshelves. I often refer to my Housekeeping Handbook and since it’s quite large, the books to the left of it used to fall over when I take it out, not anymore.
#2: At the ends obviously but if placed inside the cover you don’t have to see the ends and you can enjoy the seeing the whole front (or back) of your books.

5 responses

  1. Are the bookends the ones from Muji?Also, pretty unrelated but I'm intrigued by one of the books on your shelves, Nothing To Wear? Do you recommend it?ps: Your blog is lovely, informative and very, very inspiring. I got absolutely obsessed with all your storage solutions featured on your Flickr!

  2. the bookends are muji. (FYI: all bolded text are links)i highly recommend the book! visit their website for more info: visual-therapy.comthanks for reading…:O)

  3. What a fantastic idea! I always hated the look of those metal bookends, but thought they were necessary on open-ended shelves. I will definitely use this idea!I'm also going to check out that book "Nothing to Wear."