covering the exposed door bell

My current apartment was renovated before I moved in which I thought would be great, what a change, but there wasn’t much attention to detail as the place wasn’t finished; I’ve been here over a year and am still missing a door to one of the kitchen cabinets. So I’ve been doing what I feel is necessary to get it finished without spending too much time or money.
Above is the door bell that has no cover. I painted the bell part but it wasn’t much of an improvement. After measuring the bell, I went to my favorite place Muji to see if they had a bin that would fit over it and of course they did. The bin is translucent plastic so I cut a piece of white paper to line the bottom to make it less noticeable. Using clear packing tape, I taped the top to the wall. Sooo much better…

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  1. What a great idea! NY landlords….I think they are a different species. I would like to find a way to cover my ugly buzzer plate. It is typical…beige with 3 buttons at the bottom… I would paint it but then there would probably be a charge for it down the road. I looked for a mirrored cover but nobody makes them. Anyway loved the naked bell solution! Kate

  2. 1) I love the idea of a mirror by the door, so you can check yourself before you leave the house (I always forget and often end up looking a mess when I think I'm looking fly!). 2) Where is that gorgeous bowl on the entry table from? It's so fun!

  3. thanks guys!i got the white bowl from west elm many years ago. i believe it's a knock-off of a designer piece but i love it.. thanks!

  4. I too have been in love with your white bowl! This is a really clever solution, btw. :)