my apartment progress… lighting

 Lighting is so important, even in a small space. I love the simplicity of these porcelain fixtures so I not only added one to my inspiration board, but put one in the bathroom as well. They come hardwired but you can buy the parts to make it a plug-in; cord sold by the foot, plug, and cord covers. Most local hardware stores carry everything, and while it’s pretty easy to put together, ask someone at the store to put it together for you so you understand how it works. I did which helped when the office light just didn’t work one day and I knew how it fix it.
The existing light in my bathroom is a combo light/fan that not only gave off crappy light but is really loud so I had to put something else in there. The picture shows how I ran the cord through a cord cover (that was cut to fit) around the ceiling to the plug on the other side of the room. The cord covers have sticky backs which make installing easy, but they do rip the wall when removed so use with caution.
I have an overhead light in the office/dressing room but wanted a lamp and didn’t want to waste any desk space. I drilled a hole to pass the cord through to run down the back of the board to give the illusion of it being hardwired.
Cost for the two lights and all parts was less than $30. Now I just need a cool light for the ‘living area’; in front of the shelves where the sofa and chairs are going. I’d love this one, or maybe something like this

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  1. L, it's shaping up ever so lovely. How is the work with your mother's place going?hugs,a

  2. hi there! it's coming slowly but just finished painting and getting more furniture delivered this week. hopefully will upload some progress pics to my flickr soon… hope you're well :O)

  3. Ooh, I love how you maintain that open & serene feel, even down to lighting-choice!

  4. Hi Laura: I love the way those half-silver bulbs look but I was wondering–do they get hot?

  5. yes mri, they do get hot! they're just a regular light bulb just with the chrome tip…