my apartment progress… window treatments

Yes, I’ve been here just over a year and my place isn’t finished! Unfortunately, my budget is keeping me from getting big ticket items like a sofa and chairs, but it’s not stopping me from doing smaller, less expensive improvements like adding window treatments.
Even though I’ve been labeled a ‘cold’ person in interior design terms, I love curtains. They soften the space and give it a more ‘finished’ look. I feel floor length curtains look better than shorter ones unless you have a deep window sill that the curtains hit. Hang the curtain rod either up to the ceiling (as I did above), or half way between the top of the window and the ceiling.
The curtain rods are from my first apartment and the curtains and blinds are new for a cost of about $120 for the two windows. I only did blinds on the office/dressing area window (not shown) for an additional cost of $38.00. The branches in the large vase were cut from a tree outside my window. I also switched out my darker picture frames for white ones for about $65, and moved two of them between the windows. And not sure if you can see Smokey making a run for under the bed…

8 responses

  1. wow! your space is looking great. i love the "cold" look. ;)where did you find that super cool light fixture by your bed?

  2. missy: there's only one curtain on each side of the window so it's one pair per window…:O)

  3. I love how calm and serene your apartments always look. I aspire to achieve the same environment for myself, so thank you, as always for the inspiration. Where is your bedding from, if I can ask?(Also, not sure if you remember, but thanks for the advice on where you bought your pandan boxes – I ended up buying two sets from there – the small ones you linked me to and a larger palm set. Thanks again!)