do you have a paper shredder

It’s a no brainer to have a shredder. Anything with your name, address, and/or account info (bank, cc, etc) should be shredded for your personal safety. Do what you can to eliminate junk mail, but the little you get should be shredded. 

what you need to know when buying a shredder:
  • get a cross-cut/confetti
  • get one that shreds disks and cc if you need it
  • expect to spend $50-$95 for basic household, if you’re shredding a lot, spend more
  • don’t overload it; if it says 5 sheets at a time, do 4 sheets
  • many models can only do 5-10 minutes of shredding at a time
I keep mine unplugged under the kitchen sink, putting paper in the basket it came with and when it gets full shred things all at once. If you have a ton of shredding to do, go to a private shredding company who can come to you for a fee, or bring them what you need shredded. Google your city and ‘shredding service’ to find someone near you.

2 responses

  1. Great post! I *love* my shredder. I keep mine out in the open in my home office. I am a member of a lot of organizations and despite my efforts to stop it, I still get unsolicited junk mail. I try to stay on top of the tide of junk mail by shredding/recycling as soon as I can to keep things from piling up. If only I could work out a system where the shredder was hooked up right under the mailbox so I wouldn't have to bring unwanted any mailings inside……