trusting your gut

(image and interior by Vicente Wolf)

I went to the
Architectural Digest Home Show this weekend to see my former boss Vicente Wolf speak about ‘The Zen Home’ as part of the NY Times Designer Seminar Series. There were two other speakers with advanced degrees, one was a Feng Shui master, who spoke about symmetry, rules, and showed samples of their work.
Vicente, with no formal training, spoke about ignoring rules, following your gut, and learning to trust what looks and feels right for you. My friend and I commented on how Vicente’s work was far superior to the other men’s. Like his work, his speaking style was informal but informative, heart felt, and very funny. He speaks at design centers around the country, so if he’s ever in your neck of the woods, be sure to see him, he doesn’t disappoint!

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  1. Longtime reader, one time commenter. (Hope to change that, but I'm horrible about finding something to say, even if I adore a post.) I have a somewhat random question, and I hope it's not out of line. If it is, feel free to ignore me! My question is: is your professional organization business your only work, or do you hold a separate, full-time job on top of it? Purely for curiosity's sake. Also, how did you get into professional organization as a line of work? I absolutely adore organizing and arranging not only my things, but for my friends, but I haven't the first clue about how to turn my love into a career. The area I'm located in (east central Iowa) is also a bit of a handicap. I would move either back to Chicago, or try my hand at New York, but with recent family health issues and the economy, I'm hesitant.I appreciate your insights.

  2. hi sari: first, thanks for reading! it's ok, i've been asked the same question many times before. this is my only job. I had a P/T job at a local restaurant that I had before I became an organizer and kept it until recently. as for turning your passion to a new career, check out the National Association of Professional Organizers website for a lot of great info. there may even be a local chapter near you that you can visit to get to more personal info. good luck!:O):O)

  3. I enjoy reading Vincente Wolf's blog (that I found via yours) and he does come accross as genuine and humble. Maybe it's not a coincidence that the best designers (or at least the ones whose work I really love) are usually self-taught.I guess trusting your gut is ultimately the secret to real style and authenticity. Great post, Laura!

  4. you are very stylish and inspiring. I did wonder, do you use much colour in your clothing?Thanks for your postsAnn Marie

  5. thanks ann marie! not too much color no. i prefer the non-color neutrals, mostly black, grays, nut brown, taupes, ivory, whites… there is the occasional army green and blue-grey thrown in. i guess the only 'color' i like is a peach-pink, and i do own one rose pink silk skirt…