finding inspiration

(image courtesy of The Selby)

I often look at fashion and home design blogs and magazines for inspiration but I don’t always look at something for exactly what it is. For instance, I love the pic above; the crispness of the word Lanvin, and the sharpness of the font opposed to the blurred background. The mix of black, blue, gold, green, white… I can see this being interpreted to an outfit (or a room); crisp black skinny jeans with sharp stilettos, a soft golden ivory cashmere cardigan with a light green silk camisole… What do you see?

4 responses

  1. now i really want to see the outfit you described in picture!i see a shapely black dress/skirt with a soft white/cream/green patterned top and some very sparkly bracelet~btw, question for you: i bought the acrylic double shelf from the container store (finally drove down to bellevue all the way from vancouver!). now i'm ready to hang it. can you let me know what kind of anchor did you use? i'm not sure if the small plastic ones will do.Helen

  2. xing: the anchors depend on the type of wall you have. if you don't know what kind you have, knock on it to try to hear if it's hollow or solid. Then take that info and go to your local hardware store and ask them which ones would be best. AND bring the shelf with you so you make sure the screws fit the little holes…:O)laura: i love fonts too! and i like what you're seeing… very chic…

  3. Thanks Laura!I have regular dry wall that's hollow inside with studs about every 6-8 inches. Will be making a trip to the local home depot this weekend :)