how connected are you to your things?


Years back, I briefly worked for a fashion designer whose clothes are beautiful, delicate works of art (seriously they’re amazing). She made note of how I handled her clothing so gently, and how so many people were rough, even damaging pieces when they tried them on. We spoke about the common lack of connection and therefore lack of respect that people have towards things, whether it’s theirs or not. 

Considering there’s a disposable option for everything these days including clothes, it’s no wonder people have no connection with their things. There’s no sense of ownership; no understanding that the things you take into your life are extensions of you and the life you want to live. And if that basic idea is lacking, there won’t be this feeling that you have a duty to take care of your things.
I often hear people say that after a long week of work, they don’t want to spend a Saturday ‘organizing’ or cleaning their space. I get people are busy but putting a little (focused) time and energy into arranging your home can alleviate some of the everyday stresses in your life; make it easier to get dressed in the morning, make a nice meal at the end of the day, to always know where your keys are…
How connected are you to your things?

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  1. I can't function without a clean and tidy home. We spend a few minutes each day tidying so things don't get out of control. It makes a huge difference. On an unrelated note, do you know the source of the light in the photo in this post? I'm looking for something like that for our bedroom.

  2. I am connected to my things. I treat my things well because I worked hard to purchase it or it was passed down so I treat it accordingly. I love having a clean organized space, it really helps me function so much better when everything is in it's place.

  3. I am connected to my things, which could be why I'm forever trying to purge and organize. Rather than connected, I would say that I respect my things, but I also respect the things of others. I work retail, and while I don't expect a customer to fold the clothing as I would, it irks me to see a customer handling stacked clothing as if s/he were making a tossed salad. Worse yet? Leaving the clothing balled up in a corner of the dressing room.

  4. amen to that kara!gina: i know! how can you try something on then throw it on the ground?? i feel your pain…

  5. I love this idea! So, so true. I just found your blog and I'm a big fan! I have a similar philosophy. Keep up the great work!

  6. I care very deeply about the things that I have. I could live without them, but I chose them consciously and enjoy them the same way. The things that I do buy usually feel as though they are mine as soon as I see them on the shelf, on the counter, on the hanger. Paying for them is a technicality – I've already bonded. There is something extremely satisfying about seeing an object that reflects or validates your own ideas and opinions. When I connect with an object, I am connecting with and valuing the mind, imagination or skill of the person who created it. That is a wonderful feeling.