clothes closet: before + after

I love coming up with custom solutions for closets that don’t cost an arm and a leg. This client came to me because she needed to make room in her 2-bedrm apartment for a new baby (due any day!). To do that, this closet needed to hold all her current and off-season clothes, shoes, and bags that were spread out in two closets.
The existing shelf was moved up to take advantage of the high ceiling. New Rubbermaid FreeSlide Shelves were cut to fit around a new center shelf unit to give much needed additional shelf and hanging space. The approximate cost of materials; center shelf unit, new shelves and brackets, valet hook, full length mirror, and small hooks was $200 (not including tax, transportation from lowes to apt, and installation).
In addition, on sale for 20% off, new metal hangers were bought for approx $190, two hanging hampers separate laundry from dry cleaning and canvas boxes store off season clothes on the upper shelf for approx $80.
This client has a beautiful collection of handbags, shoes, and boots that she prefers to keep in their boxes and dust bags. The bags she uses more often are stored on the center shelf. For more pics check out my flickr.

11 responses

  1. Lovely!! Would love my closet to look like this. How do you keep the boots standing up? Mine always slouch or flop over.

  2. Ah – gotcha! The life of a Southerner … always missing the boat on the cold weather tips. Thank you!

  3. Such a lovely solution to a common issue – how to make space for a new arrival. Your new spaces always seem much more functional than the old spaces.

  4. I just took a closer look at your pics of this renovation on flickr and I am amazed. Using the Expedit in the center really adds structure, weight and substance to the arrangement and most of the rest of the closet system is actually rubbermaid wire shelving. The whole closet is lovely and orderly, that you don't even need to close the closet doors – the clothes, shoes and bags are like sculpture.

  5. Absolutely GREAT!I mean it really because my closet is 100 times worse than your "before" ;-)…..and when i stand up right in front of it (the closet!) i just can't imagine any solution…i just feel sooooo depressed! so now..i 'm gonna try to get inspired !