my apartment progress… bathroom

Do you remember how I painted the back wall of my bathroom and it
didn’t look so great. Well, I finally repainted it… guess what color? White! I did want something dramatic but more importantly, I want to keep the space looking bright and open.
I removed all the shelves but not the brackets to make painting easier. Afterwards I caulked the edges to give it a finished look. For more pics, click here.
What do you think??

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  1. I love it! So much happier and airy. I painted my bathroom a dark brown in my old home not realizing it would remind everyone of poo. :( Needless to say – my new bathroom is open and airy – a very light grey. Also, I LOVE the horseshoe. I'm totally tracking one down this weekend.

  2. I love it too. Your bathroom now looks very breezy, zen and spa like. I am most envious.

  3. I love it! So crisp and clean. I'm glad you went back to the white. Most people are afraid of color, but I'm afraid of white!

  4. You are very inspiring and I have been working on streamlining our apartment too. Love the bathroom, may I ask where you got that silver/grey tray by the toilet?

  5. the tray on the toilet is from pottery barn. it's actually a cheese/serving tray. :O)

  6. the brackets were $0.50 each from ikea. unfortunately i can't find them on their website. but you could always paint a metal bracket white…

  7. I prefer the shape of your brackets to the metal ones I've found so far, but I suppose I need to do a bit more shopping. Thanks for the quick response!And I totally relate to Annette's comment above saying that most people are afraid of color, but she's afraid of white. Me, too. But I've learned that how a room is styled can set the vibe as much as color can. I'm moving into a new studio condo next month in Seattle that has two accent walls – one chocolate and one deep red. The old me would have loved that but the new me is going to paint everything white. I'm ready for a crisp, clean, neutral home environment.Keep up the great inspiration with your blog!

  8. yes some are "afraid of color", and there are those whose just don't like it, like me! to me it's ALL about setting up the things you have (the functioning), before getting the decorative pieces to set the mood. thanks wendy, good luck with your new place! be sure to let me know if you have any questions getting it set up :O)

  9. I've been trying to work out how to make use of the generous gap between the toilet and the wall in my new apartment, this idea will work perfectly! Thank you for the inspiration :o)