how to organize a kitchen drawer


A few suggestions when using modular drawer organizers like the metal mesh ones pictured above:

  • Pull everything out of the drawer sorting into prep and serving pieces, editing out anything you don’t use or need.
  • Look at what’s left to see what size organizers you’ll need; extra long or wide.
  • Using your drawer’s measurements, draw it out on paper to see how many organizers will fit.
  • To make it look its best and not cluttered, create a symmetrical pattern.
  • For the organizers in the back of the drawer, angle them from back to front for easy access.
  • Group things by use to limit searching for things.
  • If you have an inch or so left in the back of the drawer, wedge cardboard from a toilet paper or paper towel roll to make it nice and snug.

5 responses

  1. One and only one question.. from where do you get those drawer separaters.. ?? I am in dire need of them.. and of so many other things such as those wire racks and the canvas boxes..

  2. samia: in the posts, any bolded word is a link on where to get it. click away :O)