my apartment progress… making an oversize bulletin board

install d-rings on back of board


picture hooks in place on wallDSC02162going thru + printing out pics


The 2′ x 4′ leftover wood from the platform bed is now a wonderfully oversized bulletin board! Here’s how I did it: 

1 – Screwed two D-ring picture hangers on back, an inch from the edge, about 3/4 up from bottom and noted measurement down from the top.
2 – Held it up to the wall to see where it looked best. While holding it up with one hand, measured from the ceiling to the top of the wood.
3 – Measured the space of the wall horizontally. Subtracted width of the wood and divided by half.
4 – Hung two picture hooks by adding the measurement from step 1 plus step 2 to give me how far down from the ceiling, and the measurement from step 3 plus 1″ to see how far in it should go.
5 – Hung in place, checked with a level and din’t care that it’s a little off!!
When I first thought of using the leftover piece of wood for the bulletin board I thought to add self-adhesive cork but found that my push pins went into the wood easily. Always one to save a step and $$, I had no hesitation to go without the cork.
I spent hours going through tear sheets in my inspiration file and bookmarked images on my computer to see what I wanted up. I printed images from the computer onto photo paper which I thought came out really nice. I love the wood push pins, though think T-pins would be great too….

10 responses

  1. fantastic! in my last job I came to really love using map pins for pinning up visual research

  2. thanks!yeah the pins are so simple, delicate, and elegant, my three favorite things :O)

  3. You make it look so easy!Great how-to! The little bits of wood showing through are so lovely~ there's no words for those wood push pins!helen

  4. Awesome way to save resources! I like the rustic look with the high fashion photos. And you know they have chalk board, magnetic and dry erase paint, should a similar future project surface.

  5. dry erase paint?? that's a new one, thanks christina!yes, i love the look of the high gloss and high design against the rough grain of the wood…

  6. Yes, m'am! (Although, I cannot take credit for knowing about it, my sis in law told me, to be fair! : ))

  7. that came out great! and so easy to make! i've been wanting an oversize bulletin board for ahwile now..this is perfect! thanks for sharing! :D