living better with less… returns

Products I specify for clients are well thought out and researched. Since I think before I do (or WHEN I think anyway… no one’s perfect) I have few second thoughts therefore very few returns. The key is there are five questions I ask before buying anything: 

  • Does it fit the function? (know what you’re storing before buying)
  • Does it fit the physical space? (always measure twice)
  • Does it fit the client’s aesthetic?
  • Does it fit the budget?
  • How easy is it to clean? 
How easy something is to clean is just as important as everything else. I hate products with so many little ridges and angles that collect dust and dirt. I’ve mentioned a few before. 

I’ve said this before, organizing products are tools. I don’t know anyone who would go into a hardware store and buy a tool without knowing what it is and how they would specifically use it. Yet people go into places like The Container Store and do just that all the time and wonder why they still aren’t organized.