living better with less… getting to the root of the problem

Have you ever hated everything you own? That’s how I’ve felt for the past few weeks, more like months, about my entire wardrobe. Holding back from going on a major shopping spree (well, my wallet’s been holding me back more than sheer will power) allowed me time to think about what I’m really unhappy with, and I realized it’s my glasses. I had a pair that broke a year ago that were my favorite pair ever. I wore them for five years and when they broke tried to replace them with a similar pair but never love LOVED them. The 2 pairs above are the ones I just got and am crazy about them! Having them, now my wardrobe doesn’t look so bad after all…
The point is we all go through periods where we hate everything we own. The key is to step back and try to identify what the main problem is before taking any drastic measures. For example, maybe you just need to replace your coffee table instead of getting all new furniture. Have you ever had a similar experience?

5 responses

  1. isn't that funny! i get like that too. But i also go through periods where i hate EVERYTHING that is for sale in stores. I've been looking for a new purse for 3 months now… no luck. Too tacky, too cheap looking, awkward handles, ugly fixtures…it goes on

  2. i do that too… it took me about 5 years to find boots that i loved, they were so worth the wait though :O)

  3. Oh my, it also took me about 5 years to find knee-high boots I loved! This post really resonates with me.

  4. This struck home because I'm in a state of wishing I could sell off EVERYTHING — clothing, books, furniture, music, etc. — I own and start fresh. Much like Melissa Jade said above, most of the stuff I see in stores now just doesn't resonate with me. Of course, I don't bother looking in stores with price tags too far beyond my means. No point to that!