biggest organizing mistakes

  • having no overall plan or idea for the space in question
  • over thinking a decision; make immediate decisions first, when you’re unsure of something keep it to the side until the answer reveals itself
  • buying storage products before editing; many times clients need few or no new products to complete a project, either they’ve edited out enough so their existing storage pieces are now adequate and/or we figure a way to reuse and repurpose existing pieces in a new way
  • buying storage without having a specific purpose for it
  • not taking measurements of the area, closet, and/or shelf you’re buying something for
  • not seeing beyond what something is; I ask clients who edit on their own between sessions to keep things on the side they want to get rid of so I can show them new uses for things like using a small plate or dish for soap and sponges in kitchen, using boxes in drawers as dividers…
  • editing blind; having no overall plan gives you no guidelines to help decide whether to keep something or not