q + a: handbag storage

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hnxing asks “There’s a Rubbermaid Wardrobe Shelving (which I also do not like, but can’t take out at the moment) installed in my closet. I have IKEA drawers and hanging organizers for my clothes which is working out nicely. But I end up putting my purses/bags on the shelf which you hang the clothes from. The purses and bags all lean against each other. I usually end up with bags on my head when I try to pull one out to use. Because of the wire shelf, I haven’t found a way to make them “stand” up on their own. Any ideas? Thanks!”

You have a couple of options:
  • there are shelf dividers for wire shelving
  • use an open bin either on its side like pictured above, or right side up and pull down when needed
  • hang the bags on hooks inside the closet or on the back of the closet door. just make sure the bags are empty otherwise the weight will damage the handles
  • this is a nice option too
note about real patent leather: you shouldn’t lean it against anything since it can absorb color from other materials.

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  1. Thank you Laura!!!I will definitely checkout these options, especially the first and last ones. I'm also thinking of using magazine holders side ways, or putting something inside each bag to make them stand up… anyway, these options are giving me ideas!

  2. you're welcomei like your idea about the magazine holders, let me know what you end up doing..:O)