my apartment progress… coat closet

I’ve designated the only closet in the apartment as the coat/storage closet; outerwear including scarves, hats, gloves, snow boots; off-season clothes, extra hangers, extra garment and shoe bags bags, ski clothes, and travel items.

I repainted the inside white, put flor tiles in to cover the hideous floor, rehung one hanging bar, and installed new shelf. I generally don’t like an accordion door since you can’t use the back for hooks but since this closet is deep I’ve hung six large hooks on either side for scarves, umbrellas, and selected shopping bags.
One note, the organizing “rule” about having all the hangers facing the same way is good BUT the most important thing is to have your clothes facing you. As you can see (click on image for large view), I have my dark blue and black coats on the left facing the right and my lighter colored coats on the right facing left. This way when I look into the closet everything is facing me.

4 responses

  1. I admire your resourcefulness and theuse-what-you-have approach to your home. I was wondering what you would recommend in tool kit to tackle the projects that you've worked on.

  2. well, when buying any tools don't go super cheap. You don't have to spend a ton but it's better to buy something and take good care of it and then you have it for years and years… – good size hammer- multi-head screwdriver- power drill – full bit set for drill- level with built-in magneti have a pipe cutter which i use for cutting custom size closet rods, curtain rods, etc. I wouldn't say it's super necessary as most hardware stores will cut whatever you buy.Two things I don't have but should are:- rubber mallet- electric screwdriverand lastly, you must have the proper anchors and screws for the job!

  3. gina, have you thought of creating another area for clothes storage and using that closet for misc storage? that's what i would do….