living better with less… trying to remember



A fun side effect of being neat and organized is being called a neat freak and obsessive compulsive. It used to annoy me (just a little) but the truth is I just prefer having my things work for me, not the other way around. 

Take my skin care regimen. Products work best when used on a regular basis. I wash my face everyday with a gentle cleanser, use a scrub every three days, and a glycolic wash also every three days but not on the same days I use the scrub. After weeks of trying unsuccessfully to remember when to use something, I ended up either over or underusing one or the other. Simple solution; label the bottles so I don’t have to remember.

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  1. Oh my god, you are a genius. I can never remember my face scrub routine. The purpose is to use it every 3 days, but that rarely happens. I either end up doing it every other day (sometimes back to back days) or I'll forget for like a week straight.I'm going to make a little label for it right now!

  2. Great photo! nice, pared down beauty routine with an idea for labeling that simplifies things. perfect!I am working on becoming an organized person. I am overall – but there are still areas I'm working on. Your blog provides MUCH inspiration for me. Thank you!

  3. LOVE this idea, I don't know how much money of spent over the years on impulse buying cosmetics and beauty products only to find they don't work for me and end up sitting on a shelf forever!, so now I'm making a conscious effort to only buy and use what I KNOW works for me, this is such a great tip to help me keep to my regime!

  4. Hi there, Just stumbled across your blog and I'm finding it really helpful and informative! I hope to de-clutter and simplify my life. I have started it and just have been hunting around for ideas. Thanks for the inspiration!I love this idea with the labels. I might try it out because I seem to 'forget' to look after my skin but I'd like to. I love the fact that you're in NYC – I lust after that city on a regular basis and I can't wait until the day I visit myself!I'm going to follow along with your blog. Thanks for sharing your ideas :)