q + a: where to store occasionally worn clothing


labeck asksI don’t have that many clothes but there are core items I wear often. Then there are extra items that just hang there or are in a pile on top of an organizer in my closet. Where to store the occasionally-worn items?”

This is is a great question! Here are some ideas that I hope help you:
  • If possible, keep all current season clothes, no matter how often they’re worn, in your clothes closet to avoid the all to common mistake of out of sight, out of mind. You can’t wear something if you forget you have it.
  • Think about why you’re not wearing these pieces. If they’re pieces you don’t know how to mix in with your current wardrobe, take a couple of hours trying on different combinations to find new ways to wear them. Invite a friend whose opinion you trust to help out. Take pictures of outfits you like to remember what you’ve come up with.
  • Categorize pieces that have a specific purpose; workout, pajamas/lounge wear, resort, beach/swim wear, skiing, camping (general sports), etc. Store them in dresser drawers; try to limit it to two categories per drawer unless you have very large drawers or not that much in one category. Just make sure they are segregated within the drawer for easy identification. And/or in a bin or box labeled which category, and put on the top shelf or floor.
  • For delicate special occasion pieces I would put in a garment bag like this one, or this one, or one you already have, making sure if you cannot see through it to label it with tape to easily remember what’s in there. Keep in the back of the closet, or if you have room in your coat closet.