how to get your paperwork in order step 4: create filing system

Step #4. Create Filing System

 As with your other belongings, giving your paperwork a proper, accessible, and convenient home is key to keeping it organized. Whatever you choose, label your files in a clear, logical way, grouping like things together (all household utilities, investment statements, etc) so you can easily find and retrieve things.
Storage Options:
  • SCANNERS/ELECTRONIC STORAGE: use a receipt scanner, or an all-in-one copy/printer/scanner to scan receipts and misc bills. Go paperless where you can, but organize your computer files as you would actual paper, using clearly labeled folders in the same area for easy retrieval.
  • FILING CABINET: if you absolutely need one, keep it accessible, even if it’s in a closet. Use for current and reference papers, not archival papers.
  • PORTABLE FILING BOX: less expensive and more adaptable storage than a filing cabinet. They fit anywhere and can go where you go when paying your bills. This cascading one is great and this style is my personal favorite.
  • BANKERS BOX: For your archival papers, bankers boxes and manilla envelopes are all you need. Pull file contents only and put into (properly labeled) envelope, so you don’t have to make all new folders each year. Store all boxes together on a top shelf or back of a closet.

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  1. I love the idea of a scanner for receipts, etc. Paper tends to breed in my home so this could be a neat solution in trying to go as paperless as possible.