how to get your paperwork in order step 4: continued

Step #4. Create Filing System (continued)

For misc papers such as invitations, flyers, coupons, etc, that you don’t want in a file folder, here are some options of where to keep them for easy access:
  • ENTRY: You should have a proper entry no matter the size of your space. I’ve created one in my current 325 sqft studio with a simple bowl on a table to keep my wallet, keys, store credits, coupons, and invitations; basically anything you need to grab as you run out the door. You could do something similar in your bedroom with a bowl or tray on a dresser or a shelf in the closet.
  • ELECTRONIC/PAPER ORGANIZER: As for invites and appt reminders, use your planner, whether electronic (blackberry, iphone) or a paper planner (like me), and toss/recycle any paper backup. Take a moment at the beginning of the week to review what’s coming up, and then in the morning each day. If it seems you are missing appts and need constant reminding, you should rethink what kind of planner you are using and/or how your’re using it.
  • BULLETIN/MAGNETIC BOARD: If you don’t like the idea of having a bulletin or magnetic board out, put one on the inside door of your clothes or coat closet, or the inside of a kitchen cabinet. A great place to keep these misc papers, extra keys, and inspirational quotes. Just make sure you clear things off regularly so it doesn’t get too cluttered.