why ziploc® bags are my #1 favorite organizing tool


In all my years of organizing as a ‘professional’ or before, there isn’t any other organizing tool that I have used more than the Ziploc® bag (or any reclosable bag, I happen to like Ziploc® the best). Why do I love them so:

  • just about everyone already has them in their homes
  • they are inexpensive
  • they are easy to use
  • they are reusable
  • they are see-through
  • they come in so many sizes
  • they are flexible allowing them to fit anywhere
  • they go with every aesthetic
The pic above shows a few ways I use them in my home; keep holiday decorations safe from dust, for travel, store medicine in my medicine/first aid Muji bin,and hold small things in my closet kit.

2 responses

  1. ziplocs are greati use them for all sorts of stuffdecorative marblesdried herbscrayonswax tartsgiant ones for fabric, trimmings, thread,table linens etcthen i put them in small baskets or bins so their lack of structure doesnt make them mess up the area they are stored in. i can grab sewing supplies, for example, and not upset the other items when all I want is one piece of fringe or somethingin the freezer I use them for sauces and such, i squeeze the air out and freeze them flat so they are then thin and stackable.but i wonder, are they good for textiles or harmful?

  2. great minds think alike! love all your ideas…well, natural fabrics are best in breathable storage especially when storing long term. but if you're simply separating craft fabrics short term it should be fine, you could also just not close the bag all the way. decorative marbles? ? :o)