creating a closet kit


Organizing is all about storing things according to how and where you use them. For instance, a clothes closet should have everything you need to make an outfit, inc
luding a ‘closet kit’. 

Keep in a shoe or decorative box, an over the door accessories/shoe organizer, or even a handbag you don’t use but want to keep. My my personal kit is comprised of a shoe horn, extra buttons (in the change purse), small sewing kit, lint rollerfabric shaverdeodorant removal sponges safety pins (in a snack size ziplock), black nail polish (not for nails though, for shoe and blackened hardware touch-ups), and fashion tape (to keep dress and top straps in place, shoe sling-backs in place, I’ve even taped my foot into the bed of a shoe that has stretched). 

2 responses

  1. A tip about deodorant removal sponges… make-up sponges (like the triangle ones) work just the same. :)