the move…. making decisions: bathroom

last pic: the shelves in my previous apt

The back wall was begging for shelves and lucky enough the indent is 8″, the exact depth of the white shelves I already have and have used in all three apts. I have one 24″ long, and two 48″ that I cut in half. I didn’t get enough of Ikea’s Ekby Stidis brackets (no longer online)so I’m waiting to install the last one for a total of five shelves.

I painted the back wall Benjamin Moore Whitestone which I’m going to repaint. It looks pretty, but I wasn’t going for pretty. I’m thinking a darker more olive-grey color…

5 responses

  1. Oh cute! I love the shelving! Makes me wish I didn’t leave my shelves at my old apartment, but it was for the best at the time.Now when you repaint, are you going to have to remove the shelves and reinstall them or just paint around them?

  2. thanks!i’ll definitely remove the shelves and brackets to paint. The hassle of taking them down is less than the hassle it would be to paint around them.

  3. thanks for the heads up, ikea must be updating their site because they are removing things left and right! the brackets used in the bathroom are their "ekby stidis" in white plastic for $0.50 each.