the move…. making decisions: dressing area

The alcove as a dressing/office/exercise area.

The obvious choice for the alcove would be to use it as a bedroom, but since I’m not going to get a wardrobe or an armoire for my clothes (too $$$), and the existing closet makes more sense as a coat closet, the choice was when you come in you either see my bed or my clothes, I chose to see the bed.
Everything with the exception of the top shelf are all things I already had; the shelving unit on the bottom was in the living room of my first apartment and in the bathroom at my previous apartment. I put the large standing mirror and the carpet tiles (as an area rug, not wall to wall) in and will eventually install my desk which may to be cut down and/or made into a drop-leaf table to keep the room from getting cramped.

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  1. That looks fantastic! And smart thinking on keeping the clothes in the alcove. I can’t wait to see how the rest of your place unfolds. :)