kitchen organizing tips


 I spent the day organizing a client’s kitchen and thought I’d share a few things: 
  • donate, recycle, sell or toss anything you don’t love or use
  • group like things together; all serving pieces, prep and cooking items, and food; soups, pastas, grains, etc
  • use the adjustable shelving to make things easier to reach, like putting shorter pieces on lower shelves and taller things above
  • keep things you don’t use often on upper shelves leaving lower shelves for most used items
  • use an entire shelf (or drawer) for coffee and/or tea along with mugs, sugar and related items
  • use lazy susans for spices and cooking oils
  • use odd glasses or bowls in new ways; we used a small bowl to hold sponges by the sink and another to hold soap in the bathroom
  • install drawers in lower cabinets; one client called them life-changing