evening lighting


I thought everyone had their own version of ‘evening lighting’…

Using low lighting as opposed to overhead lighting at the end of the day mimicking the natural light helps your body transition into sleep time. I use overheads during the day and then use a bed sconce and table lamp in the evening. 
Do you use ‘evening lights’ in your home? And if not, do you have trouble falling asleep?


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  1. I have always used evening light in my home, Lamps particularly, in fact I rarely use my overhead lighting as I find them “too bright” I think using smaller lamps for lighting makes any place feel much more cozy!

  2. Laura, I love your blog. You do a great job. What color is the light blue or greysh color on the wall behing the bed? I really like it. Do you have a system to organize paper work? I have hanging files, but as I have just started working with my own corporation, I need to find a system to file and store all business receipts for tax purposes(meals, gas, etc.). It’s driving me crazy.

  3. thanks luisa! the wall color is benjamin moore smoke #2122-40i’ll do a post or two on organizing paperwork soon, thanks for the suggestion :)

  4. Laura – I think you noted earlier that you are moving – I hope that move is going smoothly. Keep us informed of your progress.