cheat your way to a neat closet: bins and boxes

Open bins and boxes can be used for anything and everything in the closet. If you don’t have drawers, they are perfect for socks, underwear, bras, undershirts, pajamas, etc (as long as you keep the category per box down to 2 or less). Open bins on shelves are great for keeping t-shirts, tank tops, and even jeans together without having to worry about keeping piles neat. They’re prefect in multiples to keep your closet from looking cluttered while helping to store many different things. The bins in my closet hold off season shoes, extra hangers, extra blankets and my humidify/fan. Here’s some of my favorites (click on bold text):

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  1. I think the links to your favorite products are outdated :(. Any way you could do a new post with current favorites?

  2. yes these are a bit old! i'll run a another one soon but in the meantime if you click on 'bins + boxes' you'll see some newer options…thanks!!:O)