all organizing advice is not equal

There’s a lot of organizing advice out there, some good and some bad. Before I give you any of the good, I thought I’d start by pointing out some of the bad. The first one has to do with cleaning out your wardrobe (yes, I say wardrobe not closet but we’ll discuss that another time):

Rule: “If you haven’t worn it in six months (or three, or a year, whatever) get rid of it.”
WHY THIS IS BAD ADVICE: Because it’s never said that you should try it on before simply getting rid of it.
GOOD ADVICE: TRY IT ON!Our bodies change over time so if you haven’t worn something in a while you need to try it on to see how it fits now. Some things just need an alteration to fit you or your current style (like shortening a skirt’s hemline). Maybe you don’t know what to wear it with; try mixing it with something new or wear it in a way you hadn’t before like pairing a work shirt with something more casual. Or, start wearing that comfy old sweater that has holes around the house. But if you try it on and it doesn’t fit and cannot be altered, isn’t comfortable, or doesn’t suit your taste and lifestyle then it’s ok to pass it along to someone else.

5 responses

  1. This is absolutely true! Especially if you believe that organizing goes hand in hand with responsible consumerism. If something can be altered and worn, then that is surely preferable to throwing it out and replacing it with yet another item.

  2. I’m so pleased you started this blog. I first saw your apartment featured on Apartment Therapy and fell in love with how you managed to organise a small space to be functional and beautiful!Having recently relocated from the UK to the USA I had to be very strict with only bringing the things that I REALLY loved or REALLY needed. It has forced me to be more organised, and as a result I feel like I’m living better!

  3. true, we have an amazing suit from my grandmother that we share – it is an amazing fabric, an ottoman, in a deep navy with an unbelievable cut. I wore it on my honeymoon and so did my grandmother.

  4. I will be watching for more of your tips. I enjoy them so much. Inspired by you I used baskets to organize my sweaters and that took me about a month+ to do. Well, it was through the holidays. :)

  5. so glad to hear!! and it doesn't matter how long it took for you, the important thing is you did it! great job :O)